Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'd buy everything!!!

So for the Just My Two Copper blogging carnival, the topic is:

What would with you do with 1 million gold?

Since being on this quest for gold capped, I've always knew what I was gonna do when I get gold-capped. I've always said I'm gonna buy every mount in the game & every pet I can find. Since I'm a pet and mount collector this makes since for me, because before I seriously considered collecting serious amounts of gold, I couldn't finish my 100 mount achievement, because I never had enough money to get the last 6 mounts I need. 

When I starting thinking about going for gold capped, the reason for going for it in the beginning was because of that achievement right up there. I would give myself mini goals to get too, then add a reward to it. 

So for example:

100k: Vendor mount
200k: Wooly mammoth

And so on. And yet, 500k later, I haven't bought one darn vanity item. I can't even remember the last time I bought something that wasn't a material to make something else to make more money. I'm so focused on getting gold cap, that I'm only buying materials to make me more money, and I don't want to waste money on something that I will probably never ever ride or use.

I think that's where I'm going wrong. I think I should buy little stuff along the way, so when I get to 1 million, I can buy the whole AH for a day or I can give away 1000 gold to every horde character on my server. Or I could sell it, and get real life money, but that's just dumb. 

So what would I do if I had 1 million gold?

I think I'll let it collect dust in the guild bank until I come up with a really good idea!

What would you do if you had 1 million gold? Or if you have 1 million gold already, are you continuing to collect more or are you over it? Let me know in a comment or email!


  1. i have reached the 1 million goldcap and as still dont know what to do with it i keep on doing my routine AH scaning and crafting and i created another guild bank where i stock my gold...already 60K in it i will go for 2 millions i guess unless there is a very rare item super expensive to buy. cheers

  2. I've told you guys my plan. Gonna go in trade chat and say " first person to create a toon with X name and whisper mei will give you 100K gold....Go Go Go!!"

    Why? Just because I can.

  3. Well past 1 milllion. Have every mount I can buy. Bought my sons vial of the sands mounts. Tend to give out 10-50k to my kids to buy stuff so that they have better gear. I sitll make money regardless of what I spend.

    Spend some gold. I have always played the game with goldmaking being second. Gold making is not my just came naturally from consisten actions

  4. When I get there, I will probably keep close to a million in the bank but continue to make gold and spend what I make after that... Maybe drop to 900k or so if I wanted to get something that really cost alot - maybe an extravagance. I already made decent coin but haven't really started aquiring gold... both my fiance and I have our first 4k mounts (previously known as Epics) and we have a few k back in our family guild bank again.

  5. Like every kind of money in this life, real money or not, real life or not, money is made to be used to improve our quality of life, theres no other point, think about it.