Monday, May 16, 2011

Alto's Gold'ish Guide

Most of you should know Alto from Alto's Gold'ish Advice. And you may know that he is a gold-making coach, coming to U.S servers helping others make gold in WOW. But what you may not know about my friend Alto, is that he has his very own gold guide. Yep that's right, one of the Kings of gold-making is sharing all of his tips and tricks.

Now let me tell you about Alto, in case you have never heard of him. Alto has had his blog since last October, and always has the most up-to-date info for everything gold-making. He has hit gold-cap, and has even been interviewed for Warcraft Econ TWICE! You can read his interviews for 1 million here and his 500k interview here. Not only has he hit gold cap, and has a very successful gold blog, the first King of gold-making, Markco, has put Alto in charge of updating 20k leveling! When the King of gold-making put Alto in charge of updating his guide, who know Alto knows his stuff!

What's awesome about Alto's guide is that he took very good care to make sure not only can seasoned veterans make use of the information, that even the beginning player can take the information and get well on their way to gold cap. Something else that's cool is that he wrote it in Cata, so it's up-to-date for the latest patches out, and he even sends out updates if he finds something to make more gold! He also has a few ideas in order to keep it up-to-date for future expansions.

Now what's in this guide that's not in the others? Ever heard of The Undermine Journal? Ever wonder what all the charts and graphs and everything else means? Don't worry, Alto explains it to you. I know I have probably annoyed the crap out of Alto many times asking for explanations on every chart and graph, before he wrote this guide. But now, I don't have to ask anymore, he taught me everything I know about the Undermine Journal, and how to use every part to its fullest potential.

But Prncess, what if I don't have access to The Undermine Journal, so that doesn't apply to me?

Alright, so you live overseas and have no idea about the goodness of the Undermine Journal.

No Problem, he has you covered!
He thought about you guys overseas too, when writing this guide. He goes into detail about how you can use Auctionator and Auctioneer in order to find the markets untouched on your server, and tell you how you can pretty much see the same information with those add-ons that the Undermine Journal shows the U.S people.

At the beginner level, he explains how to install an add-on, and all the add-ons that he has used and is still using that helped him get to gold-capped and beyond. Just as he did with the Undermine Journal, he explains how all the add-ons can work together to make you tons of gold.

Now that Patch 4.1 has lowered the vendor cost of green gems, he goes into great detail how it is still profitable, and all the math involved to figure out how to make the most money, even though it's been reported in gold blogs the shuffle is "dead."

Nearly every tip or trick Alto has in his brain is in his guide. And another cool thing about Alto is that if you have any trouble understanding something in his guide, he gives you every possible way to contact him, and invites you to send him emails with any questions. He's one of the most friendly and helpful people in the gold-making community, and is always willing to help!

He condensed 40 pages of his guide down to 23 easy-to-read pages, full of screenshots to help you understand everything. No extra "fluff" to fill pages, only information that is guaranteed to make you tons of gold!

And if you have ever read his blog, you know Alto has a great sense of humor in his writing, and there is nothing short of fun, when reading his guide. If you have ever talked to Alto one-on-one, you know what I mean!

Also for my readers only, Alto is giving me a coupon for 25% off! That makes it only $15 for you! This special offer can only be found for my readers, and will only last until Friday, May 20th! You will need to click the "Add To Cart" button below, in order to get the discount. It will automatically be applied to your order. So remember, this is a limited time offer. If you have been waiting for a discount, now is your chance!

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Do you have your Alto achievement?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This week in My Sales

I've had a few emails and comments asking what I sell on a normal basis. So every Sunday I'm gonna be posting My Sales of the week. 

You can see in this lovely screenshot that my top money sellers were 5 Darkmoon Faire decks, and as I am typing this, I just sold 2 more Volcanic trinkets, as well as some Bloodied PVP gear. I absolutely love the PVP gear market, because it seems no one is actively posting gear all the time. On my server it always seems to just be people leveling Leatherworking, and they get a sale and move on. But hey, I'll take the profit since I'm only making them for 300-500g each!

As I said in my post Flasks, Flasks, and more Flasks, you can see that I am selling a decent amount of flasks this week. With herb prices declining, I recommend everyone continue to check on the market. When I see prices dip below say 50g, I buy them up and reset the prices around raid times. I made some awesome profits on the Winterspring Cub, but took a small break on posting them because of the guy posting 30 stacks at a time.

Since my boyfriend has been taking a break from WOW, I just started using his Dreamcloth cooldowns for some Spellthread, so I'm interested to see my profits in that new market! As always, the trusty Netherweave bag market is still going strong, and I'm seeing stacks of cloth for 5-10g a stack, and I'm selling bags for 20-30g each.

This is what I normally sell every week, and it's interesting to see how much money I have made, and how much I'm actually keeping in my guild bank, instead of spending!

What are you selling this week? Do you see a market I'm missing in action?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to: Find A Supplier

I always hear questions on different blogs or at the Friday night JMTC meetings asking how people find a supplier. When Cata started I was on a mission finding suppliers for herbs and ore. Everything that is farmed, has somebody behind the scenes supplying the Auction House or an actual person with these mats.

First, lets see the benefits of finding a supplier:

1. Cheaper mats than what the AH provides.
2. When the Ah runs low, you know you will hopefully always have someone sending you mats.
3. Better profits, with lower cost in mats.

Now here's a few negatives that comes with getting a supplier.

1. Finding a supplier may take a little time.
2. You have to do a lot of negotiating to make sure both sides are satisfied.
3. You have to always make sure your supplier is happy, and be willing to change prices if the AH prices go crazy.

Next let's see if finding a supplier is right for you:

1. Do you find yourself buying tons of mats from the AH for inflated prices?
2. Do you want a stockpile of mats for future patches?
3. Are you sick of not being able to make a profit on you items, because mats are too expensive in the Auction House?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a supplier may be what you are looking for!

No the point to this post! How do you find a reliable supplier?

I have 2 main suppliers. One who sells me Savage Leather, and one who sends me herbs.

The herb supplier was the easy one. I watched the AH for a couple days and noticed I was buying a lot of my herbs from a single person for descent prices. I sent an in-game message to the the guy, stating that I was buying his herbs a lot, and was looking to start a partnership to have stacks and stacks of herbs sent to me via COD. He replied and said that sounded like a great idea, because he hated posting stuff in the AH, and paying AH fees. He continues supplying every kind of herb to me usually 3-4 times a week. He messages me in game everyday finding out what herbs I'm running low on, and goes right out to farm them.

Now this may be something that comes around once in a lifetime. So how can you find your own supplier?

1. You can do exactly what I did, and ask the people in your AH who always has multiple stacks up all the time.
2. You can make a macro for Trade Channel, stating that you are buying stacks of whatever mats you want for this price, feel free to always COD to this toon, or message me in-game, always buying!
3. Make the same macro and periodically go to the zone where the mats you want are farmed, stating the same thing you put in the trade macro.

These are the tricks I use to find every supplier I've ever had. Do you have a supplier? What tricks did you use to keep that supplier hanging around?

Let me know your tricks and tips in an email or comment!!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger did it!

So some of you may have heard or noticed that Blogger decided to go on a quick vacation for the last 15-20 hours. They ate posts and comments, and then kind-of threw them back, but some stuff is still missing. They claim everything should be back to normal in a couple hours. I'm assuming you can leave comments now, but if they go missing, just know that Blogger got rid of them, as I always post comments.

Should be back to normal posting tomorrow!

Also, don't forget the JMTC Friday night meeting is tonight at 9 EST. Be sure to stop by and talk to a bunch of gold bloggers to get the most up-to-date information on making gold in WOW.

Teamspeak Server Information:

Port: 9987

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Addicted 2 Azeroth

I wanted to let everyone know that Addicted 2 Azeroth has it's 4th episode out now!

For anyone that hasn't heard of Addicted 2 Azeroth, it's newly started podcast that Alto from Alto's Goldish Advice, Xander from Xander's Gold Mine, Sinku from Exploiting My Server, Mageshadow from JMTC, and our friend Chris.

We started the beginning processes for the podcast about 2-3 months ago, and finally released our first episode about a month ago. We try to have an episode out every week, and basically talk about anything and everything gold-making. We don't use show notes, so everything we cover is just off the top of our head.

Make sure to check it out! You can listen to the 4th episode on our podbean page, as well as hear every episode we have out. You can also fine us on Itunes. If you enjoy our show, be sure to give us a good rating on Itunes! Feel free to send us an email at, or you can also send each individual on the show an email as well, and we'll relay the messages to everyone involved. If you want our opinion on something gold-related, email us and we may answer your question on the show! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @AddictedAzeroth.

P.S There does seem to be some sound quality issues in the beginning, and maybe a little throughout. We apologize for the sound quality and will work to make sure it doesn't sound like that on the next show!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AH Campers

Hey my lovely readers,

I had quite a bit of comments on my post yesterday, Undercutting and How To Deal, and one stuck out to me. One of the anonymous commentators explained how he is having someone basically completely stalk the AH. Basically an AH camper.

For everyone not familiar with an AH camper, this is someone who is basically camping the AH and constantly canceling and re-posting auctions all day everyday.

This is super hard to deal with, and with someone constantly canceling and re-posting, it's extremely annoying.

Alto did a post a while back about a possible bot glyph poster. You can read in that post that he thought he was dealing with a bot posting glyphs, since every block in the Undermine Journal was blocked out, basically meaning he was posting every hour of everyday.

It seams to me that you may be dealing with the same thing. Although it's kinda weird that a bot would choose gems and scrolls to be in, it is possible. Are you sure that this is an actual player? Have you seen him anywhere else besides the AH? If not, you could be dealing with a bot. I would recommend putting a ticket to a GM, add a link to his Undermine Journal page, that shows that he is posting nearly every hour, everyday, and see what happens. Explain that you think he may be botting, and explain why you have come to this conclusion.

At most, he may get suspended or banned and be out of your way. It could also scare him to know someone is watching his everyday comings and going, and he may chill out.

You also mentioned how every time you post something, he buys it out sometimes. That is honestly a good thing, as you are still getting sells.

As I am writing this, Anonymous posted a follow-up comment, and explained his actions while posting, and what the other player was doing at the same time. You can read his comments here.

After reading your comments, I'm pretty much convinced you are dealing with a bot. Even though you are getting really good sells, I completely understand your frustration. As I said above, I would try reporting him, and see what happens. Even add in the ticket the same comment you gave me, if you can, and explain his "bot-ish" behavior.

Also, is he the only one buying your gems and scrolls, in order to buy you out? Do you get other buyers besides him? If you don't get any or very few from other players, make sure you know that by banning this possible bot, your profits may go down. I will note however, that if I was in your particular situation, I would report him to a GM, and get rid of him asap!

Hopefully this helps you out, if you have anymore questions, please send me an email, or leave another comment!

Also, don't forget, you can subscribe to my blog and get my posts sent directly to your email or smartphone! You can find the link on the top right-hand side of the page!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Undercutting and How To Deal

I got an email from a reader asking about dealing with undercutting. Here is the reader email:

I was wondering what do you do with people that undercut drastically (such as from 40g to 1g or something like that) and puts a ton of it up?  Right now I am just leaving it alone and won't go below a certain price that I have set.  Is this the right move?

First, thank you Juslar for the email! Second, Don't panic!! Now, without knowing specific markets that this undercutting is occurring, it's hard to give some specific tactics that may help.

For example, when dealing with glyphs, it is a common tactic to use deep undercutting in order to "scare" off competitors.

That is one market that can be extremely volatile. From my experience in the AH, that has been the most difficult market to get into and stay in, with deep undercutting.

But all other markets there are usually things you can do to get a handle on the situation. You can send a message to the people undercutting, and find out their background. Find out why they are deciding to undercut by so much. You can explain that undercutting will bring the price down, and could drastically lower profits, on everything else dealing with that one item.

Another thing you could do, is play their game for a while and watch what happens. Let the person know that you can play their game as well. Try deeply undercutting their markets, and see how they react. Do they quit posting for a while? Do they completely disappear? Watch their posting schedule via the Undermine Journal, or by adding them to friends list.

In my opinion, I would play their game for a bit, just to see how they react. It may work in your advantage and they may leave you with the market. If the undercutting continues or gets worse, then you may want to continue leaving the market alone for a while, and try again at a later time. Playing their game, may mean you lose out on some gold, so make sure you are aware of this. If they can play the game better, you may need to cut your losses and move on, but you will never know what will happen till you try.

Make sure you have back-ups plans in place in case you get pushed out of the market. continue leveling toons, and getting the most professions you can, and using every profession to your advantage. Make sure you are always using your professions to the maximum potential, so when you get pushed out of a market, you have other markets to jump into.

Hopefully this will help you out Juslar. If you have any other questions or need more assistance, send me an email!

Have any of you every dealt with deep undercutting? If so, how have you dealt with it? Let me know in an email or drop a comment below!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What do you want to know about?

Hello everyone,

When I first started blogging, I thought it would be easy to write about things I do everyday in game. It turns out I was wrong. I'm am in no way giving up on blogging, but I want to write about what you, the readers, want to know. I don't want to write about the same thing every blog is writing about, because that is boring. So send me an email of a specific thing you want to know about in gold-making or if you want to know specific things I'm selling, let me know. I'm blogging so my readers have an interesting take on all things gold-making. But I want to write about what you want to know.

Are you having trouble making gold, and want to know what you can do on your server to make millions? Let me know, I want to help.

Send me an email with any questions you have related to gold making, and I'll do my best to answer any questions you have!

My email is, you can find all my other contact information on my contact page on the right-hand side.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Supply V.S Demand

This is what I found on the Auction House when I woke up this morning. I did some little investigating, when I say investigating, obviously I mean I just clicked the search tab on the AH, and found out who decided to do something so stupid as posting 33 stacks of The Winterspring Cub. The person that posted is someone who knows how to make gold, and is very good at making gold, so good in fact, that he has hit the new Cata gold cap several times. So why did this person decide to post this many?

Actually first, let's check out the possible harm of posting this many at a single time.

One possible harm I see, is that once people go looking for this cub on the AH, and they notice 33 on the AH, they will go looking to see how easy it is to get it.

The snowball effect that will most likely occur will be that everyone and their mother will be picking this vendor pet up and trying to sell it on the AH, or someone will say something in trade and the whole world of Azeroth will know how easy it is to get this pet.

Just 2 days ago, I was selling the cub for 500g. I'm assuming those days are over, but it should still be rather simple to still make a profit on these, but it's almost impossible when someone has the stupidity to post so many.

So my question is what's the point of posting so many in a day? What are the advantages? Is he trying to scare me out of the market? Which could be a possibility, but why in such a simple market as the Winterspring cubs?

What are your thoughts? Anyone see something similar on their server with someone selling huge stacks of these easy to find pets?

Let me know in comments!