Sunday, May 15, 2011

This week in My Sales

I've had a few emails and comments asking what I sell on a normal basis. So every Sunday I'm gonna be posting My Sales of the week. 

You can see in this lovely screenshot that my top money sellers were 5 Darkmoon Faire decks, and as I am typing this, I just sold 2 more Volcanic trinkets, as well as some Bloodied PVP gear. I absolutely love the PVP gear market, because it seems no one is actively posting gear all the time. On my server it always seems to just be people leveling Leatherworking, and they get a sale and move on. But hey, I'll take the profit since I'm only making them for 300-500g each!

As I said in my post Flasks, Flasks, and more Flasks, you can see that I am selling a decent amount of flasks this week. With herb prices declining, I recommend everyone continue to check on the market. When I see prices dip below say 50g, I buy them up and reset the prices around raid times. I made some awesome profits on the Winterspring Cub, but took a small break on posting them because of the guy posting 30 stacks at a time.

Since my boyfriend has been taking a break from WOW, I just started using his Dreamcloth cooldowns for some Spellthread, so I'm interested to see my profits in that new market! As always, the trusty Netherweave bag market is still going strong, and I'm seeing stacks of cloth for 5-10g a stack, and I'm selling bags for 20-30g each.

This is what I normally sell every week, and it's interesting to see how much money I have made, and how much I'm actually keeping in my guild bank, instead of spending!

What are you selling this week? Do you see a market I'm missing in action?

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