Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AH Campers

Hey my lovely readers,

I had quite a bit of comments on my post yesterday, Undercutting and How To Deal, and one stuck out to me. One of the anonymous commentators explained how he is having someone basically completely stalk the AH. Basically an AH camper.

For everyone not familiar with an AH camper, this is someone who is basically camping the AH and constantly canceling and re-posting auctions all day everyday.

This is super hard to deal with, and with someone constantly canceling and re-posting, it's extremely annoying.

Alto did a post a while back about a possible bot glyph poster. You can read in that post that he thought he was dealing with a bot posting glyphs, since every block in the Undermine Journal was blocked out, basically meaning he was posting every hour of everyday.

It seams to me that you may be dealing with the same thing. Although it's kinda weird that a bot would choose gems and scrolls to be in, it is possible. Are you sure that this is an actual player? Have you seen him anywhere else besides the AH? If not, you could be dealing with a bot. I would recommend putting a ticket to a GM, add a link to his Undermine Journal page, that shows that he is posting nearly every hour, everyday, and see what happens. Explain that you think he may be botting, and explain why you have come to this conclusion.

At most, he may get suspended or banned and be out of your way. It could also scare him to know someone is watching his everyday comings and going, and he may chill out.

You also mentioned how every time you post something, he buys it out sometimes. That is honestly a good thing, as you are still getting sells.

As I am writing this, Anonymous posted a follow-up comment, and explained his actions while posting, and what the other player was doing at the same time. You can read his comments here.

After reading your comments, I'm pretty much convinced you are dealing with a bot. Even though you are getting really good sells, I completely understand your frustration. As I said above, I would try reporting him, and see what happens. Even add in the ticket the same comment you gave me, if you can, and explain his "bot-ish" behavior.

Also, is he the only one buying your gems and scrolls, in order to buy you out? Do you get other buyers besides him? If you don't get any or very few from other players, make sure you know that by banning this possible bot, your profits may go down. I will note however, that if I was in your particular situation, I would report him to a GM, and get rid of him asap!

Hopefully this helps you out, if you have anymore questions, please send me an email, or leave another comment!

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  1. After thinking about this, I am figuring that makes more sense to "bot" with chants as opposed to glyphs...less wear and tear on the remote ah, less posting and reposting...

    Thinking about the gems though, they are golds to post. Even just one for 12 hours is a gold and a half. Where as glyphs and scrolls are silvers...

    I would like to think that the gem trade would be one of the lesser trades that botters choose to work with if for no other reason than that. Losing golds each undercut vs. silvers? Not too productive, but as always, I could be wrong.

  2. I'm an admitted WoW addict, not working atm and therefore on the game and in the ah a whole lot. With all the articles/posts/comments lately on the issue of glyph botting I've been getting an increased number of extremely rude tells, some even threatening. I report these people when they cross the line, like threatening to hack my account, but I just wanted to remind the community that if you suspect botting or other activity against the spirit of the game that is not a license to abuse others -- just report it and move on. That suspected bot on the other end of your nasty pst just might be a little old lady with no job. :)

    Also I do think that the remote auction house opens WoW to much more potential real abuse. Has there been any discussion of that?


  3. How about for us under-privileged EU players who sadly don't have TUJ!

    I've got somewhere in the region of 3 Full-Time Campers on my server who repost at fairly regular intervals (friend list helps a little), but at least one of them is unemployed and not a bot, he reposts every time he sees me log off of my AH toon.

    Any advice for dealing with these people who are not new to the game and have equal stockpiles of gold and glpyhs?

  4. Thanks for the post Princess.

    Im the anonymous who you answered with this today.

    Im not dealing with a bot, its a real person. As best I can figure it is a dual box player; maybe he is a student, maybe he is unemployed, maybe he has a job that allows him to have his game open while he works. Maybe it is a student who has roommates that cover the AH toon when others are away.

    He doesn't seem worried about losing the 1g deposit on gems. I sure as hell don't care about it either. I just want to punch him in the nose. It has become a matter of winning, not of making gold as much.

    He doesn't buy my auctions out unless I get super cheap, like 50% value. I would buy his at that level too.

    Thanks for the post. I'm not sure how much of this will help me but maybe it will help someone.

  5. I agree with the above poster, it doesn't sound like a bot. It does sound like someone who has a lot of time to play the game.

  6. I've been fighting a botter like that for over 2 years now. He's always there 24/7 cancelling and reposting every minute or two the whole time. He undercuts by 1c and posts 1-2 of most items. someone undercuts him and within 2 minutes he's pulled and reposted his for 1c less again. 2 years of him doing this 24/7, hundreds of reports and he's still at it.

    The only thing that works to make him stop for a while is posting huge walls for 48 hours at low profit. Post too low he'll buy em out. Post a little higher he'll just continue undercutting by 1c forever.