Coached By Prncesspwn

Have you read all the gold blogs out there and all the forums and still can't make gold?

Have you ever wished you had your own personal coach to help you in the Auction House? Someone that can be there for you when you get stuck and items won't sell? Well I'm your chick!

Are you sitting naked in a bean bag chair eating Cheetos and wondering what profession to switch to or wondering what to do to now that Obsidian shuffle doesn't work?

Well have no fear because Prncesspwn is here!!

But first please put some clothes on!!

You can hire me to be your personal gold maker. I can take a look at your server and find the perfect markets to jump in and make thousands of gold. You know on my posts how I've been saying I'm going for gold cap, and I'm already half way there? That didn't happen by luck, that happened because I have learned how to stop begging in trade, and how to look at every market and every profession and how to know what markets can be profitable. I've learned from the best, and now I'm here to help you get your dream of gold cap!

I hope you can understand that time is money. So this will cost you some real life gold. But just think of that new mount you want, I can help you get it!

Just remember for $15, I can teach you all my tricks I have used and are continuing to use to help me reach my goal of gold cap.

There are a few things I need from you though first, before we'll able to sit down together.

Send me an email with the following information:

1. What server you are on, and if you are horde or alliance.
2. What professions you have and levels of all of them.
3. What addon's you use, if any.
4. Your AH posting schedule.
5. When your available to meet.
6. Please have a "voice" platform available(I prefer Skype since it's free)
7. I only use PayPal, so please have your credit card info available.

So now all you have to do is send me an email with the above information, I'll respond back, then you can send in your payment. Once I receive your payment, we can set up a time that fits your schedule!


Over the past week, I have begun reading Prncesspwn's blog and it really helped. But on my server not all strats worked. So I emailed her and she really helped me out! She helped me see what was profitable and also what to move on my faction change. And it was all tailored to my realm, unlike other guides which give a general list of high priced items. It really helped, thanks!
- Retrìbution/Hrudek