Friday, May 6, 2011

Supply V.S Demand

This is what I found on the Auction House when I woke up this morning. I did some little investigating, when I say investigating, obviously I mean I just clicked the search tab on the AH, and found out who decided to do something so stupid as posting 33 stacks of The Winterspring Cub. The person that posted is someone who knows how to make gold, and is very good at making gold, so good in fact, that he has hit the new Cata gold cap several times. So why did this person decide to post this many?

Actually first, let's check out the possible harm of posting this many at a single time.

One possible harm I see, is that once people go looking for this cub on the AH, and they notice 33 on the AH, they will go looking to see how easy it is to get it.

The snowball effect that will most likely occur will be that everyone and their mother will be picking this vendor pet up and trying to sell it on the AH, or someone will say something in trade and the whole world of Azeroth will know how easy it is to get this pet.

Just 2 days ago, I was selling the cub for 500g. I'm assuming those days are over, but it should still be rather simple to still make a profit on these, but it's almost impossible when someone has the stupidity to post so many.

So my question is what's the point of posting so many in a day? What are the advantages? Is he trying to scare me out of the market? Which could be a possibility, but why in such a simple market as the Winterspring cubs?

What are your thoughts? Anyone see something similar on their server with someone selling huge stacks of these easy to find pets?

Let me know in comments!


  1. You hit the nail on the head. I think that someone that has enough mental capacity to make millions in WoW should know better than to post that many at a time.

    To answer your questions:

    There isn't. There are none. He's going about it the wrong way.

    Silly rabbit, trix are for kids! Next thing you know he will say there is an achievement from buying 33 cubs at a time.....

  2. The only thing i can think of is mabey he is 1)sinking the competition by saturation, 2)hit the wrong ammount in his posting and acidentily posted 30 cubs, or 3)has so much gold that he just doesnt care?

  3. Well, if Rhod did this, it could be more of a symbol of power / warning to others than a legit attempt at gold making. I'm sure there are people for whom spending 50g + deposit on a vanity pet in the hopes it'll flip is a steep cost. If I was one of them, seeing someone drop over 1.5k on vendor pets would be a bit disheartening. My guess is that he'll keep canceling/reposting the whole stock every time someone undercuts him. Vendor items is a pretty interesting market to try to push people out of, but if anyone could pull it off, I'd bet Rhod could.

  4. Well guess there are no secrets are here, since you guessed who it was. I think he is just screwing with me, since he knows me, or he just doesn't care. I dunno, just annoying!

  5. Whatever reason there might be for doing this, it is backed by faulty logic. The deposit cost for 33 cubs is 123.75g per day. This is a losing battle. If you add in his purchasing costs, he is effectively destroying 1 a day, unless he can somehow sell every single one...

    You gotta do your maths, people! Or at least find an addon to do it for you.

  6. I also just realized that he is a goblin so he is getting them for 40g each but I still don't think that justifies it. I dunno, again

  7. Chances are, he's just screwing around because why not? Gotta do something with all that gold! Other option would be to discourage competitors so he can gouge prices later. A risky move, since they are vendor items, but it's a risk he can take. Rhod's a smart guy, you can be sure he knows what he's doing here.

  8. I think he posted that many because he is selling a ton.

    You can make up a lower profit-per-item with volume.

    I've been selling these for 97g per since 4.1 came out. I've sold quite a few and made some good profit.

    I'm sure others would tell ne I'm "doing it wrong" but what is that anyway? Whose to say which way is "right" and which is "wrong".

    As long as I'm selling them I'm happy.

    That said I personally would never list 30 cubs. That is just way too many.

  9. It's reasonable to list something like 5, maybe, but at the cost of listing, and for the reasons you pointed out, make this a bit ridiculous.

    Not to mention the fact he will soon be undercut, and a lot of these won't sell it makes posting like this a bit frivolous, just a waste of gold

  10. Tomhupal@SaurfangMay 8, 2011 at 11:02 PM

    I find the same problems with niche markets Princess, I dribble in items usually one at a time in order to feign short supply, hence justify higher margins.
    This usually works fine for days, or weeks at a time.
    But when someone sees the killing that I am making, suddenly there are 5 posted at 10% of my price.
    The only solution I can find is to uncover new niche markets all the time.

  11. new item, everyone wants in on the gold, so random newbie logs in, sees pages of the cubs he heard was an easy profit opportunity and walks away diss heartened because someone else already has the market(so it appears) Flooding markets in my experience is a brilliant way to control them, especially when you have vaults of gold to back up your strat

  12. I have a screenshot of somebody's 49 Vivid Dream Emeralds up on the AH. That's a really situational gem, and by "situational," I mean "awful." But who knows- maybe somebody strolled in, found them, and said "Sweet! I've always wanted 49 Vivid Dream Emeralds!"

  13. Ugh... when will the petty mud slinging end! I JUST WANNA READ ABOUT GOLD TIPS! Seriously this community is getting ridiculous. Can we not discuss gold making without trying to point out how "mentally ill" someone is about how they choose to spend their time playing the game.

    The bottom line is... he can afford to do what he is doing. He's likely doing it intentionally and likely because YOU are in the market. The more you talk negatively about him the more he's going to make it harder for you in any market you are in - period. He has the capital to be able to do whatever he wants - losing a few gold each day to make sure you don't earn any is just a game to him. And the fact that multiple blogs like to point out his "mistakes" is quite interesting - since he has more gold than many that are rambling on about him. Like Vince said - he knows what he's doing.

  14. @last Anon,

    Thx for your comment and input. Unless there was more talk about this post on another site or forum, these are the only comments I have seen about this post. There was no talk of him being "mentally ill" or any negative talk from me. I was just looking for other points of view as to why he was posting so many. I was not pointing out his mistakes, as I stated I know he knows what he is doing.

  15. I have to agree with the anon poster 2 posts up. I'm sitting on over 3 million gold myself and I'm sick and tired of people telling me how stupid I am, how I'm "doing it all wrong", "selling too low", "losing gold", "could make so much more if..." or w/e.

    What it really boils down to is they're obsessive campers who never go offline and never stop posting. They want me to post at higher prices so they can undercut me by 1c constantly and make a killing while all my posts get returned.

    I don't play their silly game and I have more gold than any of them, so who's the stupid one?

  16. The reason is why there is 33 on the AH, is because i go through 25-30 on average a day :), and usually im the lowest on the AH all day if im posting that many

    ~Rhodikus the God Emperor

  17. ^ What Moxnix said,

    Currently there are 2 people on my server who literally never log off(I see them off for about 5hours a night, thank you Undermine Journal) So i have to take bigger measures to cut them out, some markets they have learned to stay out of, some they havent.

    That being said, I have so much gold that i can buyout my auction house 5 times over and not even have it dent my gold,

    It doesnt really matter to me if people QQ over a certain price or w/e, I do everything for a reason, some weeks i lower prices to push people out, some weeks i raise them, its all in my head/spreadsheets and thats where it'll stay, i find it laughable that i havent been on the 'JMTC scene' in roughly 1-2months because of IRL concerns, and that im still being talked about? Cant yall find something better to do lol?

    If you want to be ahead of the game(in before someone says 'THE GAME')then you need to think outside the box, stop all the conformist bullshit and sticking to the rules, do whatever the hell you like and you'll make money, as long as you have it calculated that you're making profit and you have the gold to reset the market incase your 'outside the box plan' turns it to hell

    If ANYBODY wants actual gold advice 1 on 1, just send a email to, ill reply to your questions when i have time, as i'm actually recovering from a cancer scare(the reason why i left the scene and have just started coming back)

    Or you can just add me on at

    ~Rhodikus The God Emperor

    TLDR; People need to stop the QQ over gold behemoth's doing wacky things that conformists dont understand

  18. The idiots on my server have completely destroyed the AH by undercutting each other to the point where it's impossible to make any money. I used to clean up with my jewelcrafter, not any more, prices are at 20% of normal all the time.

  19. mmm i dunno, I'd say it's a mistake. I make mistakes like that on occasion. I use auctioneer and once I have an item set the way I want I hide it. On occasion I typo something and hide it and just batch post the hell out of it for months lol. Every so often I do clean things up and look at every item to when my inventory hits a number I find unacceptable. Like I will drop below a certain stack size so it isn't posting or i have certain scrolls or glyphs stacked up when I want just 1 or 2 of them posted at anytime in a single stack. Could be many things, but if it were me, it would be a mistake. I do not hound the market. People undercut me all the time. No big deal, still making a killing in 15-20 minutes a day. a few hundred auctions of items that fall within a certain criteria

    tl:dr - I'd say a mistake or oversite