Saturday, April 30, 2011

Graduation Day

Hey guys!

No big post today :( My college graduation is today! I will be graduating with a degree in Law Enforcement, with no idea where I'm going from here. If everyone could say a little prayer that I don't trip in front of thousands of people, my tassel stays on the appropriate side, and that I remember to grab the diploma with my left hand and shake hands with the right hand, that would be fantastic!

I do have one pro tip though:

Check the prices of ore one more time for me. On my server I just bought stacks of obsidian ore for 20g a stack. I checked the prices of bars, and they are going for 9g each. I believe it takes 2 ore to make a bar, so with some quick napkin math, it looks like I can make 5 bars for every stack. With each bar at 9g each, selling 5 would mean I would make 45g, and profit 25g for each stack of ore bought! Doesn't sound too bad to me! 



  1. Meg Im gonna pray you do trip cuz it will be funnier than hell :D :D haha jk

    Gratz to you and Life on gratduating :D


  2. Congrats Prncess! It's been a long road, glad to see you made it through safe and sound!

    And Xander, gratduating?! REALLY?!

  3. Actually you'll be able to make 10 bars per stack, making 90g off the bars, and 70g profit. Good luck with that Law Enforcement degree. Just left after 6 years in LE and moving on to something else.

  4. Just wanted to say gratz on your chieve... :) Well done and good luck.

  5. Thx everyone for the Gratz! It as definitly a boring, but exciting day, and I am very glad that part of my life is now over!