Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cutting and vendoring gems not dead yet?

I've been looking at these new released patch notes for an hour, reading every word Blizz stated, and every comment, and I can't find anywhere that the price of cut green gems will change...

We know that it was data-mined, but from numerous blog posts all throughout the gold community, bloggers stated that this can't be trusted, and since I can't find anything in the patch notes or comments, we may be safe to continue cutting and vendoring green gems at 9g each.

Has anyone read something somewhere today, that this change will take affect? Am I just blind and I'm missing something, or is the change really not there?

Yes I realize they don't put everything in the patch notes, but a girl can dream, right?


  1. Nice post. I look at it as the Epic gem transmute speculation at the end of Wrath. My question is, what happens if it doesn't go live? What happens when the "Guru's" predictions fail? And more interestingly, what happens if it goes live? I'd love that to happen simply cause of all unnecessary panic on many of the blogs. Would most of them be able to handle the change or did they get too comfy?

    It's not all about having the right answer. Rather it's having the right questions and having fun, since it's an MMO and not the stock market.

  2. What makes you think Blizz has to put something like this in the patch notes?

  3. They did nerf the prices. I just logged on after the patch update and yup they're 75s. Oh well, there goes the neighborhood.