Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Got Belt Buckles?

In dictionary terms, a belt buckle is a buckle, a clasp for fastening two ends, as of straps or a belt, in which a device attached to one of the ends is fitted or coupled to the other.

But in WOW terms they are little bundles of gold! Ebonsteel Belt buckles are relatively cheap to make, using only 4 Pyrium Bars, 4 Elementium Bars, and 4 Volatile Earth. With the price of ore dropping on my server I usually craft these for around 100g, and can usually sell them for anything between 300-400g. That's pretty good profit, that can easily be overlooked by a Blacksmith.

To be able to craft these, a Blacksmith must have 525 blacksmithing.

What's the best part about these bundles of joy, you ask?? Every single raider or PVPer needs a belt buckle. And even knowing that fact I never see more than 10-20 on the AH. Another awesome fact about belt buckles is that there isn't an exact optimal time to post these. You can literally post these at anytime of the day, and they still sell.

As you can see in this screenie, I've sold 265 belt buckles. This is in a 2 month period. I've made almost 66k in 2 months from one tiny, easily overlooked item in game. In this 2 month period I wasn't even posting consistently. I was just posting them when I remembered, which I have a horrible memory, so I definitely wasn't posting these everyday. I think that's a pretty good gold boost just from one item.

And if you remember I usually craft these for 100g, and post them between 300-400g. So let's do some quick napkin math to figure out the profit I made. Just to low-ball it.

Just to low-ball it, lets say I sell 265 belt buckles for 250g. Each buckle costs 100g to make, subtract that from the price I'm selling at (250g) and I'm making 150g profit on each belt buckle. Now multiply 150g profit to the 265 belt buckles I sold, and I've made 39,750g profit, and that's on the low side of what these go for. 

Just a few days ago, I had some to post, so I ran to the the AH to post some, and there were none on there. So I jumped for joy, and posted 5 for 400g, and in no time they sold.

So I recommend everyone goes and makes some Ebonsteel belt buckles and starts posting them, and while you guys do that, I'm gonna do the same!


  1. I leveled my blacksmith toon JUST to make these. For the first few months it seemed I was one of the only sellers. I was making 350g EACH and selling 15 a day give or take. I am not sure if the market just attracted more people or what but now there are about 5 of us that are all fighting out for the same pie. Its fine with me. I buy all my ore/volatiles. When the price falls out of my range, I just stop production and sell the bars if there is gold in it. The market tends to reset every week or so.

  2. Schteve,

    Thx for taking the time to leave me a comment! When I make these, I make them in bulk. I usually craft 50ish at a time, so I have them at all times. But I like your idea of a back up plan, for whens prices fall low. Good tip for all to have! Thx again