Monday, April 18, 2011

Accountant Classic

First I just want to say I sent in my Warcraft Econ Hall of Fame email for 500k, so be on the look out for that post, and I'll be sure to put a heads-up on here, so everyone can read it! Yay super excited! O.K. now back to regular scheduled programming!

When I saw the topic for Cold's blogging carnival for the month of May, I immediately knew what add-on I was choosing, and it’s Accountant Classic. Why? Cuz it rocks! Do you sell Darkmoon Cards in trade to avoid the AH fees? Well, I do. And that is one of the fantastic features that this addon offers.
Unlike MySales (which I use to track my gold within the AH), Accountant Classic shows me my sales and purchases in person to person trades.  But one awesome feature of Accountant Classic is not only does it track your incoming gold but it also tracks your outgoing gold as well. Wanna see how it works? Here Goes……

This add-on tracks everything from buying from Merchants, commonly known as Vendors, to paying for repair costs, to loot rewards.There is a section called Unknown, which I assume is mailing from alt to alt, but if anyone knows for sure, please feel free to leave a comment or email me, and correct me.

As you can see in the picture, it shows all the ways to gain or lose gold. A fantastic feature, in particular for the Darkmoon Fair, is where it tracks face to face trades, because at least for me, it's nice to know how much money I have made in trades for trinkets, or buying anything face to face instead of using the AH.

There are a few tabs to click on, let's see what each one does. Shall we?

Session: When you click on session, it will still be the same window as you see here, but it will show all the gold gained/lost from the point of logging in to logging out.

Day: This will show how much gold gained and lost everyday, and "resets" your data daily at midnight.

Week: This tab will again look the same as above, but tracks your gold weekly. And the cool thing with this is you can go into the Options tab, just to the right of the week tab, and change what day of the week you want your week to start. I personally start my weeks on Sunday, since in real life, that's the "technical" first day of the week. But the option is yours!

Total: The total tab will show you how much gold you have gained and lost from the time you installed the add-on. I use this tab to see overall how much gold I'm making and losing. :(

Reset: This button will reset all of your data that it has ever accumulated. I have never clicked this button, because I feel this is good data to know on my road to gold capped. There is not a window to make sure it's really what you want to do, so reset with caution!

Options: As I said above in the week section, in the Options tab, you can set what day of the week you want your data to start, and you can set what size you want the window to be at. Personally, I set mine at about 25%, because it's big enough for my eyes, but I can still run and jump in game and see where I'm landing! :)

You can reset the data anytime, although it is important to note that if you reset it, all of the data will be lost. You can choose what day to start the week on in the options tab. At the top of the add-on box you can see your total incoming gold and outgoing, then the add-on automatically subtracts those totals to get your net loss, which can show if the money you're spending is more/less than the money you're making. And then in the window it breaks down where your money is coming from and where it's going too. As you can see from my data, I spent as much money as I was getting in and actually lost a little bit of gold. Which is another reason why I like this add-on, because at least I know for sure that I need to get rid of some stock, before I buy anything else.

There are a few tabs at the bottom where you can either track your sessions, days, or totals for the week, and of all time. You can also track how much gold is on all your toons.

When you first download the add-on, you may have to log in and out of all your toons to start collecting accurate data, but once you do that, the add-on works for itself, and all you have to do is click the mini-map button or type /acc in your chat window, and you will be able to obsess over your spending habits or /cheer at all of your gold you've accumulated for the week!


  1. I've been using Auditor which at first glance, looks very similar but the abikity to track by week & stuff is better. Think I may have to try this one instead! Thanks for highlighting it:)

  2. Yea I have Auditor installed as well, but Accountant has a different feel to it, and has a better interface...

  3. Great post Prncess. I've just started using Accountant and it is a great add on. I just wish you could somehow set it up so that you could tell it the time period/market to track.

  4. I agree Bill. I wish that it shows what I was trading for 15k or what I was buying out of trade window. That would definitely be a good add to make this addon even better!

  5. ok i'm in despite the fact that i fear the results... thx for this :)

  6. I infer from your last comment about logging each character that this will accumulate all the transactions from all the toons on your account. Is it faction specific? Or will my Horde gold get lumped in with my Alliance gold?

    I see the "all chars" tab....