Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To: The Panther Cub

Today I will be showing you the quest chain to get your very own Panther Cub, from the quest chain that was just implemented in Patch 4.1.0.
This is a 13 part quest chain you have to do in order to get this cuddly little pet, but don't worry they are easy quests! In total I think the the quest chain took me roughly half an hour.

 The quest starts at the Warchief's Command board in your major city. You start this long quest chain by picking up the quest The Zandalari Menace. Once you accept the quest, you'll look for Bwemba. I found her in The Valley of Spirits for Horde, and for Alliance you can find her at The Stormwind Harbor. When you get the next quest, Bwemba's Spirit, also pick up To Bambala, and head to Stranglethorn Vale to the town of Bambala, right out side Zul'grub.

Once in Bambala, you will need to look for Kil'Karli. He pats along the road of the town. (I found him at approximately 64'40.) Turn in To Bambala to Kil'Karli, and grab his next quest Serpants & Poison. In this quest you will be looking for Jungle Serpents and Headhunters.

You will need to kill the Jungle Serpents, which are relatively easy to kill, but they do a minor stun/sleep mechanic that is rather annoying. You will also need to heal the Headhunters, which I found next to trees all around the the camp. All you need to do for them, is right click, and they spring back to action.

Once you complete this quest you will need to find Kil'karli again, and turn it in. By this time you have probably noticed that Bwemba is following you around, this is because of the Quest you first picked up, Bwemba's Spirit. While working on this quest chain, I couldn't figure out where to complete it at, so I just left in my quest log until I got the cub. It's a good idea to keep this chick around because she will have a few more quests for you along this adventure. Now that you have killed the serpents and completed that quest, Bwemba will have a quest for you called Spirits Are With Us.

For this quest all you need to do, is right-click the fire in the town, and turn it into Bwemba when it is completed. The next quest Bwemba will have for you is Nesingwary Will know. This quest will require you to find Hemet Nessingwary Jr. at Nessingwary Base camp up north.

Once you find him, he will have another quest called Track the Tracker, which is just another "find this guy, and waste more of my time" quest. You will need to find Grent Direhammer, which is found on top of a hill.(50'21).

He will then give you a quest to kill Mauti at Kurzan's Compound, called The Hunter's Revenge. Once you kill the cat, turn it in to your new friend Bwemba, and grab the next quest Follow The Cat. You can follow the dust trial from the cat that looks like raid markers and that will take you all different directs or just head on down to the edge of the mountains under Zul'Grub. For this quest you will just have to find the cat's lair. Once you find it, the quest will be completed, and Bwemba will have the quest, Mauti. You'll find the cat sleeping, and will need to kill him again. Complete that quest, and grab the next one, How's The Hunter Holding Up. Behind you will be a cave.

Head in to the cave, where you will find a guy laying on the ground, complete that quest, and grab Bury Me With My Boots. In this quest, the guy wants you to find his boots, which is stupid because they are literally right behind him, apparently he's super lazy!

Next, give him his boots, then you will get your final quest for the panther cub. A little adorable panther cub will pop up out of no where and you will be able to accept and complete the quest, and you will now have your very own baby cub!

 Congrats on getting your Panther Cub, and I hope you found this How-To helpful. If you happen to run into a problem, leave a comment, or send me an email, and I'll help get you unstuck!


  1. Great Guide! Heading there tonight myself.

  2. I think I accidentally abandoned this quest string shortly after picking it up at the Stormwind Harbor. The quest giver, however, doesn't seem to be there anymore, and I just flew all over Northern Stranglethorn Vale looking for any sign of an 85 appropriate question mark or exclamation point, to no avail. Do you have any ideas how I might get back to the quest string now?

  3. Tygerwolfe,

    Did you check the board where you got the quest to begin with? That chick might not show up till you have the quest in your log. If you still can't get it, the only thing else I can recommend is putting in a ticket to a GM, if the quest isn't on the board.