Friday, April 29, 2011

The only pet guide you'll every need!

Have you every thought of starting you own pet business in wow, but have no idea where to start?

Do you have no clue where to go to even find vendor pets to sell on the Auction House?

Did you think that only hunters could have pets?

Well don't worry because I have the best resource available, and it will be the only pet guide you will ever need to buy!

The fabulous Gold Queen has been slaving away writing a bunch of mini guides to everything you ever wanted to know about making gold in World of Warcraft, and this is the first mini guide that is out.

This guide is extremely detailed. The Gold Queen starts off by explaining the point and uses of selling pets. So if you only chose a hunter, because you thought they were the only ones that could have a cool pet, well then this is just the guide you need to start your own pet selling business.

The Gold Queen also goes into detail why you should start your very own pet selling business, and what professions have the best pets to sell, as well as where to go to find every vendor pet in game. What's awesome about this guide is that it can take you from a noob to a master in starting you own business. For anyone wanting to find that one niche market that is guaranteed to work, then this is the guide you need!

Have you wondered where you can get all the pets in game, what faction they are on, as well as how much the vendor price is for every pet? 

The Gold Queen has done all the work for you, and has a lovely easy to read chart showing all of the answers to all these very important questions.

For someone like myself that doesn't sell pets on a regular basis, someone who doesn't have the pet achievements, and doesn't even know where to get all the easy to get vendor pets, this guide is just what I have needed to start my own pet business and start cashing in!

For anyone wanting to cash in on all the lazy people in game, this is the guide for you!

It's also up-to-date for Patch 4.1!

There are many more mini guides to come. I have seen the list of the guides she is working on, and what's cool about each guide is they will all be able to be used separately but they could also be put together to make one huge gold making guide to make you be unstoppable in the AH. If you only want to get into the pet business then this is the book you want, but it also has a few tips and tricks, that you can easily use for other gold making opportunities. Just the chart that shows where you can get each vendor pet from makes this guide amazing. You will always have an easy to read chart for every pet you can get from a vendor.

For a limited time only, The Gold Queen is offering her guide for $7, and for my readers only, you can get this amazing guide for only $6. This is a limited time offer for my readers. You will only have until May 5th, 2011 to pick up this guide for only $6. When you buy from my blog you will need to head here, and click ADD TO CART, in order to be able to use my special coupon code. The coupon code is "prncess".

Keep a look out on The Gold Queen's website in order to get the next guides in her mini guide series!

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