Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flasks, Flasks, and more Flasks!

      Today I want to talk to you about flasks. I recently got into the flask market, and so far it’s paying off. It seems with the news of the vendor price of green gems dropping to 75 silver, it seems bots have left the ore market, and on my server, I’m getting super cheap herbs. And if you get a supplier to farm you herbs for a discount, it’s even better.

There are 5 flasks to make:

Flask of the Winds          

       Now when you get cheap herbs or farm your own, the 8 Volatile Life per flask is usually what’s going to cost you the most. But with a possible influx of herbs on the AH, the Volatile Life should be relatively low as well.

       One thing you have to remember about flasks is size really does matter! Stack size is one of the most important things to know when posting. You have to remember guild cauldrons take 3 of each flask, so posting in groups of 3 is a good idea. Also most guilds, who don’t supply their raiders with flasks, for the most part raid for 3-4 hours, so again posting in those size stacks really does matter.

      Another important part of selling flasks is the time you are posting. Knowing when your server raids, is also important to know, because if you post all your flasks at 1PM, but guilds raid at 8pm, chances are your either not going to sell any, or you’re going to get undercut. If you're not in a raiding guild and don't know what time your server raids, feel free to ask around in trade, or ask people in the guilds on your server.

    I usually post an hour before I know my server starts raiding, usually between 7 or 8pm. I sell the most flasks in stacks of 1,3 and 4, for the people collecting flasks for guild cauldrons, and for the people who are join a pug, and don't know how long the raid will last.

I recommend checking Undermine Journal to see if flasks are profitable for you! What are you waiting for? Go check NOW!!! Time is money!
    Hope everyone enjoyed this post and it was informative. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Edit: As I'm sure you can tell, site is a bit under construction. I've currently got Sinku from Exploiting My Server hired to help fix everything, although he feels like I can't be satisfied with picking a template, so I will get everything back to normal ASAP.


  1. Sadly, on my server, every craftable alchemy item sells for below mat cost. Each of the flasks you mention sell at a loss when created with purchased mats. I'm keeping an eye out for herb prices to drop though. Ore volume has dropped significantly in the past week, so maybe the bots will shift to herbs on my server.

  2. Zath,

    Thx so much for your comment! If flasks aren't too profitable on your server, have you looked at potions? I know for me, Potion of Concentration sells pretty good as well. If you check out that and it doesn't work, send me an email, and I can help you look into more profitable items!

  3. Hey Prncesspwn,

    Great post. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as Zathanos. I've always envied people who were on servers where they could sell flasks for a profit. I'm hoping that with the current changes herb prices MAY go down low enough to make it worthwhile for me to do but I'm not holding my breath.

  4. Y'know, I should probably look in to this now that herbs are crashing on my server (Cinderbloom got down to 14g/stack yesterday!). My poor alchemist has been neglected for too long. Didn't really put 2 and 2 together, I've just been using the cheap herbs for DMF cards!

  5. 14g Cinderbloom?!?!?! I would have been in heaven!!

  6. If herbs are high on your server, don't buy them to make potions, gather and sell the herbs! lol

    It's all about figuring out what is working on your server. Now I can't say that I'm an expert but I have had 1200g+ days in the AH... I'm mostly focusing on levling my main herb/inscriptionist to 85... right now at 81... so he can then get anything, anywhere and make it after I analyze the market. My other moneymaker is currently a miner/JC... will be watching the long term effects of 4.1 for the Jewelcrafting future...

    Have fun all... and I'll see you at the bank!