Friday, April 22, 2011

Can't help people sometimes!

So I was in-game barking Mysterious Fortune Cards, and this level 70 toon asked me what they were. I explained them to him, and he said that they were too expensive because he only had 30g, and was sad because all he wanted was flying for Northrend.

So I started a convo with this dude, and asked him what his professions were. He said he had mining and that was it. I suggested he got herbing, and start farming ASAP. He didn't like the idea, and went on his way. Every once in a while, he would message me and tell me what he had on the Auction House and that some of his actions were selling, and I /gratz him, and again he went on his way again. I get a few whispers from him a couple times a day updating me on his progress.

When I bark my MFC macro in trade a few times a day, he always sends me a message, continuing to ask me about them. I felt bad for the kid and didn't want to take advantage of someone who obviously had no idea about the odds of getting a 5k card, so I told him not to waste his gold, and continue farming, since he can gain a lot more gold that way.

I woke up yesterday and started my morning ritual of opening mail, and this kid bought about 500g cards worth.

I guess the moral of this story is some people can't be helped and are not the brightest crayon in the box!


  1. Sad but true, not everyone wants to work the AH or work at all for that matter. But I do try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and treat them as an intelligent human being until proven otherwise. In which case, thanks for the sales!

  2. These are the kind of fools that will buy over 5k worth of fortune cards just for a chance at winning the 5k card.

    I've sold over 6000 gold worth of cards to the same person who has never won, but I've also had a 5k winner who only bought a 5 pack.

    Every card is a chance at winning though!

  3. At least he's trying to help himself!

    I bark that I'll make choppers; all day I saw this level 53 rogue gathering mats in trade, paying outrageous amounts for Titansteel and such. After a few hours he whispers me for a mat link, and after I link him he asks me where he gets the Golem Parts, Pistons, and Exhaust Pipe. I tell them how much they cost from the vendor and he flips out because he literally spent all his gold on the farmable mats.

    So then he begins begging me for gold. I tell him I won't give him gold but I link him to places like The Consortium and JMTC to get him started on learning to get rich.

    Like you I asked him his professions and gave him advice based on them that was specific to our server that I knew would work, blah blah blah. I spent about 20 minutes giving this guy targeted advice for making gold . . . and then he just starts begging me for gold again. -_-

    I guess he finally started listening though because a few days later he whispered me "You probably don't remember me, but thanks so much, I'm up to 6k!" xD Perhaps people learn, but just do it slowly?

  4. When I've run into an example of the "totally lost" and give them the dual gathering speech, if I feel they have half a brain, and if their character is above level 60 I go one step further.

    I offer to buy them their first herb or mining bag under the condition that when they get to Outland, they sell me their herbs/ores at a fixed rate (close to fair market value.).

    Of those who take me up on the offer, about 2/3s wind up following through and I wind up with a decent supply of these less-commonly-farmed items for a few weeks. A couple wind up sending me herbs through Northrend and Cata content as well.

    I think the comfort of knowing they have a guaranteed sale combined with the constant presence of a specialty bag acting as a reminder motivates them to continue on.

  5. Recently a player asked me about my auctions, where I found all the leather I was selling. I told him I just bought it cheap in the AH and re-sold it at a higher price. He thought that was "playing dirty".

    Told me that 'so many players don't have enough to pay your prices--they need to buy it cheaper'. We went back and forth a few times but eventually he left it alone.

    I friended him though just to keep track of him.

    A few days later I needed some Ironweb Spider Silk. I had somehow run out but needed it to craft something to sell. Looking in the AH there were only 10-15 auctions, all at huge prices, about 5x normal. The seller was the dude who had chastised me for 'selling too high'.

    Out of curiosity I checked TUJ and saw there had been quite a few sales recently--to him--at much lower prices.

    I guess he either converted to the flipper's mentality or had been giving me a hard time for fun.

  6. I once had someone whisper me on my server asking how to make gold, I gave him some tips based on his professions and what I'd seen on JMTC. A few days later he thanks me for the help by giving me a winds and embers card... which i sold for about 1500-2000g each during a DMF. Unfortunately for him, i don't think he bothered to do much work on making gold, and gave away his profits to me for free!