Saturday, April 30, 2011

Graduation Day

Hey guys!

No big post today :( My college graduation is today! I will be graduating with a degree in Law Enforcement, with no idea where I'm going from here. If everyone could say a little prayer that I don't trip in front of thousands of people, my tassel stays on the appropriate side, and that I remember to grab the diploma with my left hand and shake hands with the right hand, that would be fantastic!

I do have one pro tip though:

Check the prices of ore one more time for me. On my server I just bought stacks of obsidian ore for 20g a stack. I checked the prices of bars, and they are going for 9g each. I believe it takes 2 ore to make a bar, so with some quick napkin math, it looks like I can make 5 bars for every stack. With each bar at 9g each, selling 5 would mean I would make 45g, and profit 25g for each stack of ore bought! Doesn't sound too bad to me! 


Friday, April 29, 2011

The only pet guide you'll every need!

Have you every thought of starting you own pet business in wow, but have no idea where to start?

Do you have no clue where to go to even find vendor pets to sell on the Auction House?

Did you think that only hunters could have pets?

Well don't worry because I have the best resource available, and it will be the only pet guide you will ever need to buy!

The fabulous Gold Queen has been slaving away writing a bunch of mini guides to everything you ever wanted to know about making gold in World of Warcraft, and this is the first mini guide that is out.

This guide is extremely detailed. The Gold Queen starts off by explaining the point and uses of selling pets. So if you only chose a hunter, because you thought they were the only ones that could have a cool pet, well then this is just the guide you need to start your own pet selling business.

The Gold Queen also goes into detail why you should start your very own pet selling business, and what professions have the best pets to sell, as well as where to go to find every vendor pet in game. What's awesome about this guide is that it can take you from a noob to a master in starting you own business. For anyone wanting to find that one niche market that is guaranteed to work, then this is the guide you need!

Have you wondered where you can get all the pets in game, what faction they are on, as well as how much the vendor price is for every pet? 

The Gold Queen has done all the work for you, and has a lovely easy to read chart showing all of the answers to all these very important questions.

For someone like myself that doesn't sell pets on a regular basis, someone who doesn't have the pet achievements, and doesn't even know where to get all the easy to get vendor pets, this guide is just what I have needed to start my own pet business and start cashing in!

For anyone wanting to cash in on all the lazy people in game, this is the guide for you!

It's also up-to-date for Patch 4.1!

There are many more mini guides to come. I have seen the list of the guides she is working on, and what's cool about each guide is they will all be able to be used separately but they could also be put together to make one huge gold making guide to make you be unstoppable in the AH. If you only want to get into the pet business then this is the book you want, but it also has a few tips and tricks, that you can easily use for other gold making opportunities. Just the chart that shows where you can get each vendor pet from makes this guide amazing. You will always have an easy to read chart for every pet you can get from a vendor.

For a limited time only, The Gold Queen is offering her guide for $7, and for my readers only, you can get this amazing guide for only $6. This is a limited time offer for my readers. You will only have until May 5th, 2011 to pick up this guide for only $6. When you buy from my blog you will need to head here, and click ADD TO CART, in order to be able to use my special coupon code. The coupon code is "prncess".

Keep a look out on The Gold Queen's website in order to get the next guides in her mini guide series!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To: The Panther Cub

Today I will be showing you the quest chain to get your very own Panther Cub, from the quest chain that was just implemented in Patch 4.1.0.
This is a 13 part quest chain you have to do in order to get this cuddly little pet, but don't worry they are easy quests! In total I think the the quest chain took me roughly half an hour.

 The quest starts at the Warchief's Command board in your major city. You start this long quest chain by picking up the quest The Zandalari Menace. Once you accept the quest, you'll look for Bwemba. I found her in The Valley of Spirits for Horde, and for Alliance you can find her at The Stormwind Harbor. When you get the next quest, Bwemba's Spirit, also pick up To Bambala, and head to Stranglethorn Vale to the town of Bambala, right out side Zul'grub.

Once in Bambala, you will need to look for Kil'Karli. He pats along the road of the town. (I found him at approximately 64'40.) Turn in To Bambala to Kil'Karli, and grab his next quest Serpants & Poison. In this quest you will be looking for Jungle Serpents and Headhunters.

You will need to kill the Jungle Serpents, which are relatively easy to kill, but they do a minor stun/sleep mechanic that is rather annoying. You will also need to heal the Headhunters, which I found next to trees all around the the camp. All you need to do for them, is right click, and they spring back to action.

Once you complete this quest you will need to find Kil'karli again, and turn it in. By this time you have probably noticed that Bwemba is following you around, this is because of the Quest you first picked up, Bwemba's Spirit. While working on this quest chain, I couldn't figure out where to complete it at, so I just left in my quest log until I got the cub. It's a good idea to keep this chick around because she will have a few more quests for you along this adventure. Now that you have killed the serpents and completed that quest, Bwemba will have a quest for you called Spirits Are With Us.

For this quest all you need to do, is right-click the fire in the town, and turn it into Bwemba when it is completed. The next quest Bwemba will have for you is Nesingwary Will know. This quest will require you to find Hemet Nessingwary Jr. at Nessingwary Base camp up north.

Once you find him, he will have another quest called Track the Tracker, which is just another "find this guy, and waste more of my time" quest. You will need to find Grent Direhammer, which is found on top of a hill.(50'21).

He will then give you a quest to kill Mauti at Kurzan's Compound, called The Hunter's Revenge. Once you kill the cat, turn it in to your new friend Bwemba, and grab the next quest Follow The Cat. You can follow the dust trial from the cat that looks like raid markers and that will take you all different directs or just head on down to the edge of the mountains under Zul'Grub. For this quest you will just have to find the cat's lair. Once you find it, the quest will be completed, and Bwemba will have the quest, Mauti. You'll find the cat sleeping, and will need to kill him again. Complete that quest, and grab the next one, How's The Hunter Holding Up. Behind you will be a cave.

Head in to the cave, where you will find a guy laying on the ground, complete that quest, and grab Bury Me With My Boots. In this quest, the guy wants you to find his boots, which is stupid because they are literally right behind him, apparently he's super lazy!

Next, give him his boots, then you will get your final quest for the panther cub. A little adorable panther cub will pop up out of no where and you will be able to accept and complete the quest, and you will now have your very own baby cub!

 Congrats on getting your Panther Cub, and I hope you found this How-To helpful. If you happen to run into a problem, leave a comment, or send me an email, and I'll help get you unstuck!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sry for lack of posts!

Hey my lovely readers,

I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts the past couple of days. I am finally on my last week of college before I graduate this Saturday! So I have been stressing myself out with last minute work on projects and studying for finals, as well as figuring out what family is coming from where to come watch me walk across the stage into actual adulthood. Not to mention the fact that the Records office lost my petition to graduate and my cap and gown, so I wasn't totally sure until today if I was going to be able to actually walk. So it has definitely been a stressful couple of days.

I promise once I am done with all this college crap, I will begin posting regularly as I did in the beginning. I have a couple things I'm working on behind the scenes, so there will be tons to look forward too!

Also if you have any questions or want my opinion on something in the wow gold community, please feel free to send me an email at, and also check out my coaching page if you need help making gold!

P.S Come back tomorrow for your very own in-depth guide to getting your very own panther cub!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Bunny Day!

Hey guys,

No post for today, going home to hunt Easter eggs, and eat tons of food! Have a good day!