Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger did it!

So some of you may have heard or noticed that Blogger decided to go on a quick vacation for the last 15-20 hours. They ate posts and comments, and then kind-of threw them back, but some stuff is still missing. They claim everything should be back to normal in a couple hours. I'm assuming you can leave comments now, but if they go missing, just know that Blogger got rid of them, as I always post comments.

Should be back to normal posting tomorrow!

Also, don't forget the JMTC Friday night meeting is tonight at 9 EST. Be sure to stop by and talk to a bunch of gold bloggers to get the most up-to-date information on making gold in WOW.

Teamspeak Server Information:

Port: 9987


  1. Heya Prncess, I dunno if its just me and needing a cache clear or something but I still cant see your newest article on how to find a supplier. If it doesnt come back on its own I hope you can put it up again, finding a steady supplier is the one thing I've been unsuccessful with and my heart lept the moment it popped into my RSS.

    thanks for reading and keep up the good work, you have a great start!

  2. Al, if you use Google reader, check for it from yesterday. I accidentally messed up on scheduling it to post for today, and it posted yesterday, so I had to delete the post then copy/paste it again and reschedule it for today. I noticed it showed on my Google reader yesterday on my phone but didn't today.